A Guide To Motor Trade Insurance


Now then, we have all used a mini-bus at one point in our lives; may it be on the way into town for a night out or for a lift to the airport. We all certainly take for granted the protocol involved in getting the vehicle legally onto the road. Testing the driver’s road knowledge, ensuring the car is safe for the streets and most importantly specific Mini-bus insurance.

With Insurance becoming an ever growing part of every aspect of our day to day lives it is obviously important to know where to look for the best deals. This article will – using mini-bus insurance as an example – provide three top tips about where to look for the best offers and what to keep your eye out for when on the hunt.

Be Specific

Companies offer highly specialized and specific insurance packages on mini bus insurance in particular. If this is your area of work then my advice would be to thoroughly research; XYZ for example offer specialist schemes that cover church group trips and nursing and care journeys.

While this example is a rare one you must be as field specific as possible, the main reason for this being it may well save you money! Moreover, if you are working abroad lets say and your job is to drive up and down windy mountain roads all day to ferry paying customers to the top.

You wouldn’t want basic car insurance as your risk level is much higher than that of a conventional mini bus driver. My fundamental point is this: the more you tell the insurance company about the specifics of your job, the easier they can tailor the insurance package to suit your needs and produce a structurally sound insurance plan.

Search off the beaten track

With the rise of market comparison websites it is very important that you look broadly and widely in order to find the best option for your occupation. While price comparison websites for many offer the best option of a cheap, quick solution, they often struggle to adapt with complexity.

Begin your search with field specific information, for example “mini bus insurance comparison” and work from there. Spend a good amount of time searching online and explore several websites and searches, I may sound repetitive but it is simply a matter of allocating time to it.

View the content of the policy

Cheap insurance is always great but always be cautious and check through the details of the policy before you sign up for anything. There may be hidden costs or exceedingly high excess charges if something bad was to happen, and these onerous terms may be hidden in small print deliberately to catch customers unawares.

The majority of policies will be perfectly safe but you don’t want to be the poor character that gets caught out by the terms and conditions! Insurance is something that we all need and online scams are few and far between, but stay aware.

Finally, don’t be afraid to pick up the phone; the majority of things are now done online but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good old fashioned phone call if you aren’t computer literate.


Paul is a motoring enthusiast who has extensive knowledge of the insurance side of the industry, and which vehicles require which type of cover. Although good knowledge to have, Paul sometimes wishes his friends would stop calling him at all hours for insurance advice!