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How To Create An Effective Investment Portfolio

Investment portfolios represent a massive opportunity for earning money.  However, building a portfolio can be a complicated process, and it can take time to become comfortable with the process.  These tips are designed to help anyone building up their first set of assets: Consider your goals It’s important to work out exactly what your goals […]

Put Your Money to Work – Invest in a US Green Card

Persons who are not US citizens or green card holders may gain lawful permanent residence (i.e., get a green card) in the United States by way of investment.  Becoming a green card holder allows one to live and work permanently in the USA.  The access to capital, a predictable legal system and well-established property rights […]

Money Management: Give Your Children The Skills To Succeed

All of us know how easily one’s paycheck disappears. After paying for housing, utilities, and groceries, few dollars remain. As families across America go deeper into debt, children often fail to learn how to be financially responsible. In fact, recent studies demonstrate that young Americans have accumulated alarming levels of debt. For example, one third […]

Will China Engage In A Cold War With America?

America and Russia were engaged in a cold war for many years. Trade and international relations suffered because of ideologies that were stuck in a time warp. It now seems that America and China are all set to engage in a similar situation sooner than later, and the reasons are right under our nose. The […]