Q: What is TreetopsTrading.com?

A: TreetopsTrading.com is a research based investing website dedicated to investor lifestyle. We provide investment interest pieces in our “News” section and a premium service with exclusive market updates and high performance portfolios through our subscription service, TreetopsTrader Premium.

Q: The website claims to be sending me things like confirmation emails and password reset links but I’m not getting any messages.

A: Check your junk mail folder. If you still aren’t getting any messages please send us an email.

Q: Is it ok if my portfolio allocations dont match the allocations in the TreetopsTrader Premium portfolio I’m following?

A: Yes. Don’t feel that these allocations need to exactly match your portfolio. Some of the companies’ high share prices make it very hard to do this. Also, depending on your account’s capitalization you may have a harder time with this than others.

Q: I decided that I want to start using one of the TreetopsTrader Premium portfolios as a model for my portfolio. How much do you recommend as a minimum investment amount?

A: Great! We recommend about $10,000 for use in a portfolio so that allocations are relatively even and trade costs don’t take too much out of the bottom line. However, you can follow a portfolio with as little as $5,000 if you remove some of the smaller components and do more picking and choosing. If you plan to invest with any less than $5,000 we recommend ignoring the “Great Companies” section of the portfolio and distributing your money among the other listed investments.

Q: What’s the best online discount broker to use?

A: We wrote an article about our thoughts on the matter here. A quick google search should also help you with that question. However, we recommend that you try to go with a broker that has a per trade fee of $7 or less.

Q: How can I edit my profile or cancel my subscription?

A: You can use the “Unsubscribe” button on this page¬†to turn off auto-renew of your¬†subscription. On that same page you can also edit your account. If you choose to cancel your subscription you will continue to have access to the site until the end of the subscription period.

Q: I have a problem and I need to contact customer support.

A: Send us an email.


  • I cannot get into Portfolios or Updates or Reports. I am a subscriber paid up thru Aug 19 2013.

    cmyhreMay 29, 2013
    • Sorry for the inconvenience! We’ve sent you an email on the matter to the address that you have on file.

      SteveMay 29, 2013
  • I am following your Canopy portfolio – Is there a setting to email me every time the portfolio is updated?

    ebahsaliJuly 22, 2013
    • Not currently, but thanks for asking! This is definitely something we’ll do in the future!

      SteveJuly 30, 2013
  • Not receiving any email notifications (checked the “Spam” folder)
    Also, getting an error when sending emails to support@treetopstrading.com.

    ebahsaliMarch 17, 2014
    • Our apologies! It looks like we were having some problems with the support email account, but those are resolved now. Currently we don’t have email notifications set up for portfolio changes, but that’s a feature that we’re looking to add in the future. Let me know if you’re having any other problems!

      SteveMarch 22, 2014
  • Support email is working now – thanks for fixing.

    Quick suggestion: Using Updates section, provide a summary or even a simple hint that a particular portfolio has changed – this would make it easy to log in once a week and quickly see if there are new changes. Thanks

    ebahsaliApril 14, 2014