All of our proprietary portfolios are a reflection of the best ideas from analysts with years of experience. The founder of TreetopsTrading has had a over a decade of investing experience as well as a position at Wells Fargo Advisors, a prominent investment advisory firm. Only the best of the best securities make it into our portfolios and our in-house strategies create a simple and easy to use system that boasts impressive returns. We hope you find our portfolios and expert insight helpful and compelling. If you have any questions about the site or the TreetopsTrader Premium subscription, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Richard Band

$99.95 per year (2x our price)

Time intensive and cumbersome

Conservative portfolios with too many components Portfolios are built to underperform the market.
Several blog posts per week that require action Requires reading every blog post so you don't miss an opportunity.
Monthly reports with little information Wastes your valuable time with small talk and sayings.


$799.80 per year (16x our price)

Generates unreliable "stock picks"

Limitless "picks" to sort through Wastes your time and decreases your portfolio's performance.
Constant trading required "Trend" trading requires non-stop access to your brokerage account so you'll be bogged down by fees.
No focus on long term trends No information on long term trends and picks are short-lived.

Canopy Portfolio

The Canopy Portfolio is our main portfolio. It benefits from our hybrid portfolio method and assumes the highest level of risk of the site’s portfolios. Every ETF and stock available in U.S. markets is on our radar for the Canopy. We look for companies and funds that promise the most robust growth for the next several years. In the last year, the Canopy Portfolio had a return of +40%. The Canopy had the highest return of all of our portfolios.


Understory Portfolio

The Understory Portfolio is another one of our featured portfolios and offers less risk than the Canopy portfolio but still boasts impressive returns. It also benefits from our hybrid portfolio method but with greater diversification for greater price stability. Some of the risker assets that we have in the Canopy portfolio are absent for the Understory and replaced with more secure growth companies and generally greater diversification. In the last year, the Understory Portfolio had a return of +38%. Compared to our other portfolios, the Understory Portfolio generated the second highest return and beat the market handily.


Foliage Portfolio

The Foliage Portfolio is our lowest risk portfolio on It too benefits from our hybrid portfolio method and its goal is to achieve modest returns with relatively low risk. The Foliage is our only portfolio that has a position in bonds (through an ETF). In the last year, the Foliage Portfolio had a return of roughly +33%. Compared to our other portfolios, the Foliage Portfolio generated the thrid highest return and beat the market by a comfortable margin.


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Portfolio6 MonthYTD1 Year2 Year3 Year5 Year10 Year

***Returns in the table are calculated as total returns over the given period. Performance numbers in the table are current as of November 28, 2013. Rebalancing is done periodically as we see fit, and performance numbers reflect this. Specific past portfolio data is not available. Past Performance is not indicative of future results.***