TreetopsTrader Premium

Richard Band

$99.95 per year (2x our price)

Time intensive and cumbersome

Conservative portfolios with too many components Portfolios are built to underperform the market.
Several blog posts per week that require action Requires reading every blog post so you don't miss an opportunity.
Monthly reports with little information Wastes your valuable time with small talk and sayings.


$799.80 per year (16x our price)

Generates unreliable "stock picks"

Limitless "picks" to sort through Wastes your time and decreases your portfolio's performance.
Constant trading required "Trend" trading requires non-stop access to your brokerage account so you'll be bogged down by fees.
No focus on long term trends No information on long term trends and picks are short-lived.

Subscribers can view content in the “Portfolios” and “Updates” tabs.

With a subscription to TreetopsTrader Premium you will keep up with the market, get access to innovative portfolios based on years of research, and enjoy the opportunity to experience market beating returns with minimal effort on your part. Not to mention, a subscription to our service is up to 16x cheaper than our competitor’s offers.

When you perform a simple search for stock market news, you get thousands of pages of statistics, commentary, and irrelevant information that you don’t know what to do with. Stop wasting your valuable time sifting through research and start having more time to enjoy your life. Most investing publications beat around the bush and make it impossible to draw any conclusions. With your subscription, you can count on getting the bottom line, and you will be able to make decisions that will directly impact your investing performance.

Get access to our incredible Canopy Portfolio and several other high performance portfolios with your subscription. Premium portfolios on other sites are often made up of more than 40 components and some don’t even provide recommended allocations! What’s the point of having a portfolio that has more positions than you can effectively hold and no guidelines for best results? We asked the same question, and it inspired us to give our subscribers access to all of our proprietary portfolios. Our most famous portfolio, the Canopy, was designed with serious investors in mind and currently contains fewer than 15 positions. Let’s face it, every successful investor needs a custom tailored portfolio to achieve peak performance.

If you would have invested using the Canopy Portfolio as a guide you could have achieved gains of over +300% since 2009 and a whopping +25% in the last year despite the Eurozone crisis.

Everything we do is based on high quality information and insight from the world’s most experienced investors. We take what we do very seriously and guarantee that all information we provide on the site is accurate to the best of our ability. The strategies and ideas we use in our portfolios are based on the insights and experiences of the world’s most successful investors like George Soros and Warren Buffett. Stop listening to the lies of  “hotshot” traders who say they know things that the pros don’t. They may look successful but odds are losses will come their way in short order. We only use time tested and historically successful strategies as a basis for what we do. Stop losing money using the unproven strategies of novice traders.

Not only do we think that we have some of the best portfolios in the investing world, but we believe that following our strategy is easier, cheaper, and less time consuming than following any of our competitors’ strategies. Sites like SmarTrend (©) have subscription rates that make their service feel like highway robbery when it doesn’t work. For just $49.95 a year, you’ll have full access to all of our premium features. If you had invested starting in 2009 using the Canopy Portfolio as a model, our subscription fee would amount to nearly nothing compared to the magnitude of your gains.

In the context of today’s economic climate, saving for the future has become more essential than ever. Our mission is to provide you with portfolio models that consistently outperform the market. Our portfolios have unparalleled performance, consistency, and stability. We care about your success as an investor and your satisfaction is our top priority.