Understory Portfolio

Here’s the list of investments that make up the Understory portfolio. We will update this listing whenever we make changes to these positions. The Understory portfolio has more diversification and less volatility than the Canopy portfolio. It had a lower return than the Canopy Portfolio in the last year but a higher return than the Foliage portfolio. This portfolio is built for investors who want less risk. This portfolio also represents a long-term investing approach and we use it for money we will not need in the next 3 years. Be sure to check out our other portfolios in the “Portfolios” tab. If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ or email us.

PowerShares Buyback AchieversPKW35%
Vanguard Small CapVB30%
iShares NASDAQ Biotechnology IndexIBB10%
PowerShares Nasdaq InternetPNQI10%
PowerShares DWA Em Mkts Technical LdrsPIE5%

*Past Performance is not indicative of future results. Investing involves significant risk and the information provided on this site does not constitue investing advice or recommendations.